C2CC: Cradle-to-Cradle Composites

ENEA, CRF, Un. of Bordeaux, AM Composites, Gaiker, R*Concept/Ferrer Dalmau, GS4C

Project C2CC will employ new basalt derived mineral fibres (BDMF) which are fully recyclable. They will be associated with innovative bio-mass derived thermo-set resins to produce Basalt-PMC (B-PMC) that can be chemically “cleavage” to recovery both a polymer (which will be used for producing automotive internal parts) and the fibres (which will be re-melted and re-employed for the original components). Project C2CC is funded with 1’137’000€ by KIC Raw Materials (upscaling-KAVA 5) with activities aiming at TRL 7. The project will bring this solution on the verge of being mass produced and will assess all environmental benefits of the new solution, particularly lower embodied energy and lower C- emissions. C2CC project will demonstrate the technical feasibility of this concept on real automotive components.

C2CC Project website