Filava™ roving

FILAVA™ is a direct roving made of enhanced volcanic rock filaments and manufactured in the melt spinning process, where the fibers are formed via a batch melt, followed by the lava which flow through bushing plates with nozzles and then vitrified by cooling.

FILAVA™ rovings is a unique product thanks to a genuine and innovative treatment of the raw material, basalt, which being the major ingredient, is enriched with various mineral additives with the aim to increase and guarantee its original mechanical and chemical properties. The components used in the batch aggregation and the fabrication process are ISOMATEX’s know-how and constitute its exclusive expertise.

Single-End and Multi-End assembly direct rovings consist of thousands of continuous filaments with elementary diameters from 9,0 to 11,0 µm. bonded into a single strand and wound onto a cardboard sleeves. A specially developed by matrices’ type sizing is applied on the fibers which assures an excellent infusion and resin-to-reinforcement adhesion.

FILAVA™ is unique due to its high strength, high elasticity and resistance to high temperature as well as to temperature’s variation (contrarily to carbon which does not like thermal shocks). This compares well to existing highend products (R - glassfibers, S - glassfibers). In addition and as noted above FILAVA™ is always better in a chemical and alkaline environment, which gives it often a definitive advantage (for instance water and concrete is alkaline, which makes other high-end products not so suitable whenever the fiber is in contact with such elements).