Founders and Network

The vision of the founding partners of GS4C is one of collaborative effort toward a complete zero-landfill manufacturing. GS4C aim is to become a worldwide reference for sustainable technologies, providing materials, know-how and integrated waste management solutions to companies willing to make a shift toward sustainable manufacturing for their products. GS4C will propose not just as supplier of sustainable semi-finished materials (reinforcements, resins, etc.) but as new product development partner.

Over the last three years, the founding partners of GS4C worked relentlessly on the set up of a network of companies who could provide a competent feedback to the manufacturers of fiber and resin in order to complete the task they set themselves at the beginning of this adventure. Three years down that journey, there is a formal network and a catalogue of products that already attracted the attention of some of the main players of the composite industry. GS4C will build upon this to penetrate the high-end composite market with innovative and sustainable solutions based on a circular economy business model.